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Anthony Gardner: The Rivers of Heaven



A virulent disease carried by foxes is spreading across Europe. In London an urgent cull is underway, spearheaded by Frank Smith, the young master of the Hyde Park Hunt. But for Britain’s paranoid Prime Minister, fox flu is a chance to foist the ultimate in surveillance technology on an unsuspecting population: the Mulberry Tree system, secretly bought from the Chinese.

When biochemist Christophe Hardy discovers the conspiracy, he finds himself caught up in a chase which starts in Beijing and ends in Northumbria, involving animal-rights activists, a beautiful female missionary, high-society Chinese assassins, and the world’s most innovative catering venture, the Pu Dong Pudding Company.


‘Fox is a wildly imaginative novel with a complex, compelling plot, written in beautifully spare prose. Anthony Gardner has produced a story that is both exceptionally subtle and deeply moving’
– Amanda Foreman