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Anthony Gardner: The Rivers of Heaven



The Rivers of Heaven is the story of Sebastian, a young magazine photographer from a broken home; Stella, a single mother struggling to make ends meet; and Stella’s newborn son, Kit. While Sebastian dreams of returning to a Cotswold cottage where he was once happy, Stella yearns for the boyfriend who has deserted her, and Kit remembers his previous existence in heaven. Is the need to recapture the past a noble or a destructive instinct – and can it ever be realised, or escaped?


‘A lyrical vision of one soul’s Wordsworthian journey from heaven to an earth where people are still dealing with the consequences of the paradisal 1960s’
– Maggie Gee

‘An amazing novel, so moving, so hauntingly imaginative, so quietly funny, and so wonderfully well written’
– Selina Hastings